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      -SO long since update....
      -slave has written a good file 'bout urban exploration, and
      I've got some new proggies out. There will be new stuff soon.    
      -slave also set us up with
      -slave also made some music at his old site. 
      It's all about *slave* isn't it?
      -The Datapac issue is *STILL* being compiled. It's gonna be huge.       
      -Need a DOS prompt at school? try this.
      -slave has a new email address:
      -BC HELL wants strong crypto. Click here.
      -If you have experience in PERL, C/C++, Visual/QBasic,
      or even writing  really cool batch files/shell scripts,
      please, email me.
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"I think weed makes me sweat more..."
-Doktor Che